The Robot

The Robot or Machine is a trick uses a basic tricks and illusionary tricks in conjunction of one another in order to give the juggler the mechanical look for which this trick is named. There are numerous variations of the robot, as there are with most tricks; the following is the simplest way to perform it. You will need to be able to perform the Claw and column juggle two balls with one hand in order to do the Robot.

What To Do


This trick is actually quite simple. You begin column juggling with the hand that has two balls while your other hand with one ball is in Claw position level with your head. Begin swinging the hand in the Claw position from side to side. You want to move it evenly from the ball in the two column juggle that is closest to you out to the other side of your body from back and forth. Timing is everything. You want to toss the ball in the Claw hand to the other hand while the second column ball closest to you is going up. You then want to grab the ball going up with the Claw hand at the same time you throw the ball that was already in your hand up to where the ball being grabbed is. You then swing the ball you grabbed away and continue to column juggle the other two balls in one hand. Create a rhythm replacing balls with the Claw and you have effectively performed the Robot.

The most difficult part of the trick is arguably column juggling two balls with one hand. Once you can do that this trick is just all about getting the swap timing down. You do not want to snatch the ball you grab with the Claw like you normally would while Claw juggling. Instead you simply grab it as it hits your Claw hand. The Claw hand should only swing from side to side, not up and down like usual. For experienced one hand jugglers this is usually a breeze to add to their bag of tricks.