The Martin

The Martin is a trick that looks a lot harder at first glance than it actually is. Most jugglers have an easier time with the Martin than they do with the five ball cascade. That being said, you should still probably have the five ball cascade at least somewhat in your arsenal before trying the Martin. The complexity of the Martin is that it is a multiplex trick, meaning you hands hold more than one ball at a time.

The Easy Part

The pattern is fairly simple. With five balls you throw one up into the air and then start a pattern of parallel, alternate with one hand and then do the same with the other. Parallel, alternate means you throw one ball straight up and throw the other over to the other hand. You do this with one hand then the other and continue rotating the patter between hands. Essentially you end up doing a three ball cascade while column juggling a ball in each hand.

The Difficulty

The martin juggling trickThe real hard part of this trick comes in the catch portion. After you catch the alternating ball in one hand you also have to catch the ball being column juggled by that hand while you still have the ball that was just alternated. It is easier to practice this with smaller balls until you feel you have the hang of the pattern to start usually regular sized balls again. When using normal sized balls you have to catch the ball being column juggled with only three fingers; your thumb, index, and middle finger. Use the ball that is already in your hand for the rest of the grip you need which shouldn’t be much anyway. You also have to learn how to throw the ball correctly with only those three fingers; however, this should be easier because you do this to begin almost every juggling pattern.

The Martin is fun to perform and looks great when done correctly. It is also one of the first five ball juggling patterns most jugglers master which will leave you with the elated feeling of having broken into the five ball juggler category. Congratulations on your success!