The Box

The Box is a pattern that looks a lot simpler than it is. When performing the Box you, the juggler, makes the outline of a box with three balls. Two balls are straight up and down as if being column juggled and one is alternated between both hands by being thrown from one to another in a straight line. The easiest way to learn this pattern is to practice each part played by each ball on its own and then slowly work up into performing all three parts of the pattern at once.

One Ball Simplicity

one ball straightFirst you want to do all the stages of the pattern on their own. This means throwing a ball straight up and catching it with the hand it was thrown with. You need to be able to do this effectively with each hand and be able to throw the ball at the same exact height with each hand continually. You also need to practice throwing the ball in a perfectly straight line from hand to hand.  The Box is generally a square which has four equal sides. You want to throw each ball up about as high as your hands are apart. That way all three balls are going the same distance.

Two Ball Complexity

Once you have each individual stage down you should practice each column with the bottom side together. Using only two balls toss one ball straight up and the other from side to side starting with one ball in each hand. Practicing this will make graduating to three balls much easier than simply going straight from one to three.

Three Ball Box

The boxWhen you are comfortable using two balls with either hand being the column you should start attempting three balls. Go slowly at first in order to practice and get the motion and timing down. You need to throw the ball up at the same time you throw the alternating ball to the hand that is in the process of throwing a ball up.

Professional Variation

After you have practiced the Box and gotten the pattern down you are ready for the variation that makes the box truly come alive. To do this you will simply do each motion twice in a row before switching the hand you are throwing straight up. When you first begin to throw one side up you have to toss the ball slightly toward the other hand and catch it as if you were doing a shower pattern. While doing this pattern you have to turn your body from one side to the other, following whichever direction you are throwing the ball from one hand to the other to in order to create the illusion of creating the box instead of simply doing a zip line shower pattern.

The Box is a complex pattern and juggling illusion at the same time like the Mills’ Mess which impresses audiences even more than simple patterns and feats of juggling. Get the Box perfected and you will become known as quite the juggling aficionado.