The Boston Mess

The Boston Mess is a variation of the Mills’ Mess, a trick that was originally invented by a juggler named Steven Mills. The Boston Mess takes away the wave illusion of the Mills’ Mess and simply throws three balls up vertically while crossing and uncrossing your arms. In order to even attempt the Boston Mess you need to have the three-ball cascade perfected which means you should be able to perform at least fifty consecutive throws in one go with the three ball cascade. The Boston Mess is essentially the cascade except instead of crossing balls you cross your hands.

The Beginning

boston starting positionTo begin the Boston Mess you start with your arms crossed the same as you would for Mill’s Mess. Two balls should be in the bottom hand and one ball should be in the top hand. Throw the first ball from the bottom hand straight up then throw the ball in the top hand straight up as you uncross the bottom arm. Once the arm is uncrossed throw the third ball straight up.

The Mess

boston endThe first ball should be caught with the hand that threw the second ball and then thrown back up into the air after the second ball has been caught. The second ball is caught while the arms are crossing again by the hand that threw the first and third balls after it throws the third ball up. The third ball is then caught with the hand that originally threw the second ball up after it throws the first ball up for its second time into the air and crosses arms ending up on the bottom. After the third ball is caught the second ball is thrown up into the air again. The first ball is then caught with the hand that throws the second ball into the air again and the second ball is finally caught with the bottom hand that has the third ball already in it.

It is best to know Mills’ Mess and The W before attempting the Boston Mess. It can get complicated moving only your arms in the crossing pattern without moving the balls as well. Keep practicing and you will get the hang of it. Once mastered, the Boston Mess can be used interchangeably with Mills’ Mess without stopping in between patterns which makes for an impressive display of juggling skill.