Rubenstein’s Revenge

Rubenstein’s Revenge is an alternative of Mills’ Mess invented by Rick Rubenstein. One of the most important parts of this pattern has nothing to do with juggling at all. In order for it to have the full effect on the audience the juggler must be completely relaxed and look as if he is doing the pattern with absolute ease. To many this is the hardest variation of Mills’ Mess there is. While it does take a skilled juggler to perform Rubenstein’s Revenge, it isn’t quite as complex as it initially looks.

Before You Begin

practice your mills messA few prerequisites you may want to have down before performing this trick are the three ball cascade and the Mills’ Mess.  You want to have both tricks practically perfected. The rate of the Revenge is even faster than that of the Mills’ Mess. You may want to try doing the Mills’ Mess as fast as you can and be able to do it able double speed before attempting the Revenge.

Orbit One

RubensteinIn order to perform the Revenge you need to get down is the orbit. You begin the orbit by moving your arms in a circle that crosses your arms with the top palm facing down and the bottom palm facing up. Hold one ball in each hand and practice this motion throwing the ball in the hand with the palm facing up into the air, catching it, and moving your arms in a circle alternating which hand is palm up and which is palm down. The ball with the hand that has its palm facing down should just be held securely.

Orbit Two

Rubenstein's Revenge second stepNext you want to do an alternative orbit in which you begin rotating the hand that is palm down in a circle as well. When you do this release the ball from the hand facing palm down into the hand facing palm up and catch the ball in the air Claw style. Then simply move your arms in a circular motion and switch hands again.

Time to Get Revenge

Rubenstein's Revenge CompletedAfter you have both orbits down you are ready to begin performing the Revenge. All you have to do is combine the ending actions each time you make the circle with your arms. Hold onto the ball as you throw one ball up and then do the extra rotation and claw grab after throwing the second ball into the air. Continue the pattern as you switch hand positions and you will be on the fast track to perfecting Rubenstein’s Revenge.