Juggling Five Balls

There are plenty of different patterns to accomplish with five balls. Each pattern has its own special name that was designed for one reason or another so when someone only mentions five ball juggling they typically mean the five ball cascade. While doing the five ball cascade is pretty much as simple as performing the three ball cascade, you do have to compensate for the extra two balls. The following are just a few ways to practice for the five ball cascade and get ready to make a true attempt at five ball cascade juggling.

Four Balls First

4ballstartFirst and foremost you need to be able to four ball cascade. If you cannot perform the four ball cascade you will not be able to do the five ball cascade effectively anytime soon. The easiest way compensate for the extra ball is to simply throw the balls higher. The higher you throw, the longer it will take for the balls to come down which allows you to have more in the air at once. The only other solution would be to do the pattern faster which will only lead to a higher chance of failure. Sounds easy but you have to thrown the balls in perfect paths through the air in order to make sure they don’t run into each other. One wrong throw and your cascade is finished. Get four down before going on to two.

Three Balls, One Hand

3 in oneAnother way to practice for the five ball cascade is to get the three ball one handed juggle down. It is arguably harder than the five ball cascade although most jugglers perfect it before they perfect the five ball cascade. This will allow you to practice starting off with three balls in one hand and the difficulty will hone your skills to prepare you for the five ball cascade.

More Four Ball Practice

4 ballYou can also prepare by doing a four ball pattern that starts with three balls in one hand and one ball in the other. Throw two balls from the hand with three up first and then the ball in the other hand followed by the last of the three. Then simply continue the pattern from there. This is allow you to practice throwing with three in one hand and further perfect your four ball juggling patterns which will further prepare you for juggling with five.

Other than that simple practice is all it takes to proceed to five ball cascade juggling. Juggling five at once is no easy feat. After your first completion of the five ball cascade you should pat yourself on the back. You are now an official juggling expert!