Advanced Juggling Illusions

So you got your one handed column juggling down, can do the basic illusions pretty easily and want to move on to illusions that are a bit tougher and have a bigger WOW factor than the basics. The following are a few illusions that are all based upon column juggling one ball in each hand while throwing the third ball back and forth between hands. Simple enough but when done in certain ways with the right timing it can look like you are doing something much more complex.


Alternate Fake

First there is the Alternate Fake. To do this, simply follow the ball being thrown from the hand that is currently catching the alternating ball without throwing the ball at all. This trick is best pulled off when the ball not being thrown follows the ball being thrown while going into Claw position as if you caught the ball Claw style. You have to have the outside balls following each other exactly to pull this off correctly. This illusion is much harder to pull off then simply doing an Up The Middle trick which is what is being faked in the Fake.


Alternate YOYO

Then there is the Alternate YOYO. The alternate YOYO is performed by throwing the column juggled balls underneath each other and following the ball being thrown with the other hand like you would in YOYO or string. The ball being alternated is thrown up as the ball being thrown for the YOYO effect is being caught and then you simply switch hands and continue.


Fake Mess

The Fake Mess is pretty fun to do if you haven’t already mastered the Mills’ Mess. When performing the Fake Mess you want to thrown each column juggled ball in a tight oval instead of straight up and down in order to get the wave illusion that is performed in the Mills’ Mess. Cross and uncross your arms back and forth alternating the ball in the middle with very shallow throws back and further between hands as the ball is being thrown. The alternating ball should be caught and thrown with the top hand as you cross. Perform the Fake Mess correctly and it will look like a Mills’ Mess without the complexity of actually doing it.

These are just a few of the many different advanced illusions that are available to skilled juggling illusionists. Once you are at this level you can start working on creating your own illusion to add to the world of juggling.